Cenince, the wolfen god of Death Omens, has stated the fall of Cresix. We try to revolt. We say it is in perfect shape. Cenince ignores us.
Our equine alliances tell Eucindia, the equine goddess of Deceit, who sides with us. War has broken out. The gods leave us with one last death omen, "Memento Mori".
It is left in our odds to save Cresix from darkness.
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How to Properly Write Dialouge

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How to Properly Write Dialouge

Post  Enelex on Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:20 pm

What is Dialogue?
Dialogue is basically spoken word, which can appear in a movie, television, a novel, or in this case, RP. Let me refer to for a professional answer.
'Dialogue is a conversation between two or more persons.' This means that anything you write in quotations ("") in roleplay counts as dialogue.

Is There a Difference Between Quotations & Apostrophes?
Yes, most definitely. If you weren't aware, a quotation looks like this " and an apostrophe looks like this '. As mentioned above, quotations are use to surround dialogue. Spoken words. They are used to represent a person (orwolf;3) speaking, while apostrophes are used in a completely different manner.

Apostrophes are usually always used in nouns and proper nouns to show possession of an item (Or occasionally a person). They also are used in contractions, the shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word (Like can't for cannot). Let me demonstrate the possessive use of apostrophes.

"That is the cat's food! You aren't allowed to eat that!"
The cat owns the food, so we add an apostrophe. Another example...

"What are you doing? Those are Tom's headphones!"
Tom owns the headphones, as shown by the epical apostrophe.

Now, let me demonstrate the use of the apostrophe in contraction.

"I can't do that, I'm sorry."
Can't meaning cannot, and I'm meaning I am.

What are Some Words I can Shorten Using Contraction?
Let me post a little list.

Can't meaning cannot
Don't meaning do not
Where'd meaning where did
I'll meaning I will
I'm meaning I am
Isn't meaning is not
Let's meaning let us

There are also several more. Refer to Google if you would wish to see more.

How and When do I use Paragraphing?
A few general times to paragraph sentences are when you start in on a new topic, or when a a decent amount of time passes. Another way to know when to paragraph is common sense. If you have written a long roleplay post, you should paragraph a couple of times in between to give your readers a break, also to know where to find the sentence. For example, if you had been reading a book, (Let's say we would be on the third paragraph) set it down, and read it the next day, you could remember that you were on the third paragraph and start reading right away.

Another time to use paragraph is when, in dialogue, a new person is talking or your character had just begun talking. For example;

I wagged my tail at the other wolf
"Hey, what are you doing later?" I didn't say, awaiting a response
"I'm going to the pond." the other wolf replied
"Can I come?" I barked
"Sure!" the wolf yipped

This is normally for use in novels, though it can also apply to roleplay. Check out a book, as they (If they are not poorly edited) have this kind of paragraphing.

How and When do I use Punctuation and Capitalization?
Punctuation, such as question marks (?) and exclamations marks (!) are normally used to express emotions, or as the names suggest, questions and exclamations. Periods (.) are used to represent the end of a sentence. A few demonstrations on how to use them, if I may.

"Sheryl! What on earth are you doing?!"
The first word, Sheryl, being an exclamation, and the rest being (for the most part) a question. I added an exclamation mark for extra awesome Very Happy

"Fred, would you mind taking out the trash?"
The person who is taking to Fred is asking him a question. If he can or cannot take out the trash. The highlighted area is to show the question, while the random Fred is used by the person trying to get his attention.

Plural Form of Words
Now, plural & singular. Plural means more than one and singular means one. To make a word (Usually noun, in this case) plural, simply add an s. To demonstrate, let me show you the singular and plural versions of a sentence. First, the singular, than the plural;

"Adam has a guitar!"
This is the singular version.

"Adam has two guitars!"
The plural version. Note, some words were switched. This is pretty much common sense.

Let's use a second sentence, now.

"Wow, look at the cat!"
The singular version.

"Wow, look at all the cats!"
And the plural version. Once again, some words were changed or added.

Some words, like wolf, have different plural versions. Once again, I shall demonstrate.

"The wolf is grey"
The singular version

"The wolves are grey"
Notice how I changed the f in wolf to ve (As in wolves).

Now a different word.

"The baby is cute"

"The babies are cute"
Instead of y (baby), I changed it to ies (babies).


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